1. When an appointment has been set up, please provide a phone number where I can reach you. I like to talk before the encounter and get a feel for what you may enjoy. And I always ask for a confirmation call a few days prior. I know what schedules are like and know that sometimes postponements are necessary but please do so as soon as possible so I can plan something else.

2. Hygiene.

3. Be specific. I am not a mind reader and if you have a specific scenario in mind, let me know in advance and of course you can tell me things as we go along. On very rare occasions, I have had someone e-mail me me after the fact to tell me I forgot something- how about telling me at the time? I am open to any suggestion and I would far rather a client be open with me than saying nothing at the time.

4. The donation- discreetly placed in an envelope on a side table. Don't ask me how much you owe me at the end of a passionate encounter like I'm driving a cab.

5. The duration- everyone who has ever met me knows I am not a clock watcher by any stretch, but when the time goes way over, think about it!

6. The duration, part II- I cannot always extend your appointment. If you have booked an hour and want to extend it, I will if I can but frequently, I have other commitments that I can't ignore.

7. Do you have to bring anything? Of course not! Some clients bring wine, flowers and gifts but it is not expected ( but impressive nonetheless! ). I always enjoy the thank you messages I get afterwards!

8. If possible, arrive on time and not 20 minutes early- I am on a very tight schedule and not always at my incall location until just before. If you arrive early, chances are I am in the shower!


PHONE: (416) 616-5477


EMAIL: erica@ericathefox.com

Please leave a message and I will return your call promptly. (Serious calls only)

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