1. How far in advance do I need to book?
I appreciate as much notice as possible. I am booked evenings generally for 2 or 3 weeks in advance, days are slightly more flexible but unfortunately I can very rarely manage a spur of the moment request.

2. What ages, in general, are your clients?
I enjoy seeing a broad range of ages from 20's to 60's+. I state very honestly on my site that I am 51 myself so if you are looking for a young girl, don't call me. My clients who are younger than me seem to really enjoy the "Mrs. Robinson" experience (as I do!) and my clients who are 35+ enjoy the sophistication and experience of a mature provider who is non-judgemental and very self-confident.

3. What are your restrictions?
I truly love what I do and have very few restrictions but do everything safely. I really enjoy deep kissing, oral both giving and receiving, Russian and multiple energetic positions.

4. Do you do role playing?
Do I! I am, I guess, a frustrated actress and love role playing. I do anything from elaborate scripted scenarios ( which you can send me in advance ) to assistant being interviewed for a job and willing to do anything to get it/ CEO interviewing male assistant for a job and demanding he perform sexual services for her to get it/ lady at a party coming on to unsuspecting guy/ teacher-student scenario ( much beloved by my younger clients!) and any more you can imagine. I have met clients at a restaurant in character and played out a fantasy for hours.

5. Do you take requests?
Yes, for role playing as mentioned above and for outfits. I ask that clients send me an e-mail or call to discuss their expectations. This makes for a much smoother encounter when I know in advance whether you would prefer to sit and converse over a glass of wine for a while or whether you would prefer to get into a high energy scenario right away. I am quite intuitive but haven't reached mind reader status as yet so please feel free to be specific.

6.What does a dinner date entail?
This is my specialty and I have a lot of fun with dinner dates! Generally speaking, we meet at your choice of location and then have cocktails, dinner and spend some high quality, high energy time back at my condo or your hotel. It is usually 4-5 hours in length. I am very well educated and can converse intelligently on any subject from sports to history to politics and will appear dressed to kill in a designer outfit or any outfit you request (within reason!) I love to laugh and have fun and will be very flirtatious. But when we get back to my condo, be prepared!

7.What do you enjoy yourself in an encounter?
I am a classic hedonist who enjoys sensuality and the physical things in life whether a sizzling sexual encounter or skiing the back bowls of Whistler/Blackcomb. I love to converse over a glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc as we get to know each other and then move on to more sensual delights! I am one lady who truly loves what I do as my clients can confirm. I don't take a lot of appointments and the time you book is your time, free from distractions and rush.

8.What are your personal interests?
In addition to the obvious intense interest in great sex and great conversation, I love skiing ( I am a former downhill racer ), waterskiing, backpacking and hiking. I enjoy an unrushed dinner over a nice New Zealand sauvignon blanc and have eclectic tastes in dining. I admire a guy with a great sense of humour ( I've been told many times I have a great sense of humour too ) and I love to laugh. I also enjoy a wide variety of music from house to jazz. A great pleasure for me is to sit in great company looking out over a gorgeous southern beach or a snow covered mountain. I like to be busy and most of my interests are active as opposed to sedentary but have some quiet times too (admittedly few ) when I like to read historical fiction and mysteries. I keep very well informed of current events and love to talk politics. I speak French and love to have the oppportunity to practise it ( surtout avec quelqu'un de Montreal! ) As far as spectator sports go, I have a blast going to football games and tennis matches. We can discuss my other interests when we meet!

9.Do you ever offer duos?
I do offer this with my gorgeous friend Nicole from Quebec. We are long time friends and ski partners and extremely enthusiastic! She is 37, toned, fit and as busty as I am. Rest up! (Advance notice always needed for this.) Think about a ski weekend in Tremblant with the two of us! We are currently booked well into spring.

10.What about reviews?
There have been many many very positive and fantastic reviews written about me on different review boards. To those people who have taken the time to write them, a genuine thanks! I appreciate it very much.
Once in a very blue moon, maybe once or twice a year, I have an encounter which I did not feel great about, where I felt we did not click and if that's the case, I attribute it to a chemistry component which is obviously difficult to control. The client I would assume would feel the same and I have seen very few if any really negative things said about me- the experience is a two way street after all. However, also once in a blue moon, I have had someone who wants to see me again and who I did not feel comfortable enough with to do so, threaten to write a nasty review in retaliation (I guess if they are that anxious to see me again they must have enjoyed the experience, therefore a negative review is a fake review!)
This has happened twice very recently and is a creepy and incredibly low-down thing to do. A message to anyone contemplating that (all 2 of you): Make sure you don't say anything so totally laughable and so amazingly out of sync with 100+ very positive reviews as to be not taken seriously by anyone on the planet. Case in point: "Erica is very unresponsive- she just lay there." Many very happy repeat clients would beg to differ! Unless you see me crash into a tree while heli-skiing, not a chance in a million!


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EMAIL: erica@ericathefox.com

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